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19th July 2019

Are you planning to have a baby?

Foresight preconceptual care aims to help create healthy and happy babies. By improving natural health in both parents to enhance fertility and successful pregnancy.

The preconceptual approach of Foresight can help with overcoming some of the main issues in connection with conception, pregnancy & birth:

Low Sperm Count
Secondary Infertility
Birth Defects
Low Birth Weight
Premature Birth
Post-natal Depression

The programme can address the key factors related to infertility - areas of concern in prospective parents. Once health is optimized in both parents the pregnancy starts with a normal, strong and vibrant sperm and ova, and the embryo is able to implant and develop under optimum conditions in a well-supplied and healthy uterus. You will have been able to make sure that your baby is safe, and has everything it needs for good health, and perfect brain development from the start.

Foresight designs an individual programme for you based on the findings of a questionnaire and results of a hair mineral sample and will provide you with valuable self help information to boost your fertility status.

Treatments to improve fertility

The miracle of conception and birth is largely reliant upon the mother's openness – conscious and subconscious - to become a "receptacle" for a new human being, so if you begin to look at successful fertility as resulting from a balanced and relaxed lifestyle you are well on the way to cultivating the positive outlook and sense of wellbeing which is so crucial to carrying and bearing a child.

For conception to take place lays to a large extent in becoming in tune with your own body and all its complex signals, bearing in mind that age, lifestyle and biological and medical factors can all play a role in the fertility of both males and females.

Complementary therapies and particularly reflexology can be powerful help in dealing with fertility issues, but it is much more effective when complemented by a healthy lifestyle. Emotional stress from work, relationships or home may be an issue to look at and changes to some of the following can also make a difference:
  • Smoking, Alcohol and Caffeine - no matter how much one thinks it's helping to deal with stress
  • Environmental toxicity - food additives, household chemicals, air pollution - try to reduce exposure
  • Exposure to electromagnetic radiation - computers, mobile phones, microwaves, etc.
  • Drugs - both recreational and prescribed drugs can affect fertility.
  • Diet and eating patterns - unhealthy diet and irregular eating patterns can add to the body's sense of imbalance. Past history of an eating disorder may also affect fertility
  • Exercise - too much or too little can be unhelpful

    Many couples have found that reflexology has helped them to conceive. Reflexology is ideal for this as it is a truly holistic therapy that can balance body, mind and spirit and address any disturbances at a very deep level. Amongst its many benefits, reflexology can:
  • Help to cleanse and detoxify the body systems
  • Work with the endocrine system to balance hormone production for conception to occur
  • Help to balance the reproductive system
  • Regularize menstruation

    Research undertaken in Denmark and the U.K. has shown that reflexology can increase fertility. Reflexology works best for fertility if both partners commit to treatment and agree to sustain it for a certain period of time. Ideally, treatments would be given once a week for 6-10 weeks as part of an agreed treatment plan. Over time, this can help to regulate the female cycle, encourage ovulation (and boost sperm count).

    Consultation with Reflexology
    60 minutes - £50.00
    90 minures - £75.00

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