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19th July 2019

Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork #01


Holistic Deep Tissue Massage uses a variety of techniques to relax, reduce tension, improve muscle tone and boost energy levels. Massage styles include gentle body rocking, deep pressure, stretching, light and deep strokes. The therapist uses the hand and forearm in flowing movements. May also include the use of essential oils to improve circulation, help water retention, weight loss and facilitate the release of stress patterns both on a physical & mental level.

60 minutes - £50.00
90 minures - £75.00
120 minutes - £95.00

Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork #02


Indian head massage is based on ancient Ayurvedic massage techniques and includes the neck, shoulder, upper back arms and hands to leave the person deeply relaxed. The treatment will stimulate circulation, disperse toxins & improve joint mobility. Regular sessions will leave the hair and scalp healthy, reduce stress, tension, headaches and help depression, insomnia, etc. Shorter sessions can be received seated, fully clothed, but treatments of half an hour or longer are usually given on a massage couch, using oil to instill a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Only offered with Reflexology or as part of a Massage treatment.
Indian Head Massage with Reflexology or Massage
60 minutes - £50.00
90 minutes - £75.00


Therapeutic bodywork is a rhythmical, deeply relaxing massage – a unique head to toe treatment that combines a range of Eastern and Western techniques. There is emphasis on the body-mind connection, aiming to restore the smooth flow of energy with particular attention to breathing patterns. Once oil is applied on the body, the therapist uses the forearm and the palm of the hand in long rhythmical flowing movements light and deep pressure - creating a continuous flow of energy. Through rhythm movement, stretching and holding, deep tensions will be released to allow the body to relax, promoting a sense of well-being harmony and freedom on a physical and emotional level.

The principles of therapeutic bodywork based on the assumption that not only is memory held in the brain, but also in the muscles and tissues of the body - severe physical or emotional trauma, injury, stress, anxiety makes its mark on the body. Therefore by changing someone's body on a structural level, through therapeutic touch/massage - will affect their being on an emotional level.

The body is a complex ecosystem involving a delicate balance between physiological and biochemical functions, emotional and mental interactions, environmental influences hereditary and genetic restrictions and there is a need to synchronise all of these factors into a cohesive whole. Therapeutic bodywork can facilitate this.

60 minutes - £50.00
90 minures - £75.00
120 minutes - £95.00

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