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19th July 2019

Reflexology  #01


Reflexology is based on the principle that all parts and organs of the body correspond to points on the feet (and hands). Working on these pressure points, by applying gentle pressure, will bring about a deep state of relaxation. Blockages will be released in the body to enhance self-healing ability restoring a natural balance. During the treatment the body also undergoes a cleansing - detoxofying process.

Conditions that can respond well include digestive problems, respiratory conditions, back pain, migraine, hormonal problems, PMS, PMDD, Menstrual Problems, Fertility. It can also be an effective treatment for stress related conditions, tension, anxiety, addictions, sleeping problems, depression, ME, chronic fatigue, IBS, etc. General benefits include improved circulation & elimination and will also boost the immune system.

60 minutes - £50.00

Reflexology  #02
Reflexology is one of the most effective and safe complementary therapies and children really enjoy it. Yet many parents are not aware that a variety of conditions can benefit from regular treatments. These include asthma, digestive problems, sleeping difficulties, childhood depression, ADHD, aggression, weight problems, hormonal imbalances, etc. Or simply reflexology can work as another tool to address the normal ups and downs of a child’s life with regard to health and can help create a positive body image. Conditions may improve after one or two sessions however reflexology is best experienced as a course of 6–8 treatments.
30 minutes - £30.00


“I thought reflexology was going to hurt or tickle but it is really nice. My mum thinks I’m much calmer and sleep better.” Ben, 9yrs old

“I can breathe much better since last week. Now I give my favourite teddy reflexology every night.” Emma, 4yrs old

Reflexology  #03
From the early stages to delivery, pregnancy can be physically and emotionally demanding. Regular gentle reflexology treatments can help with some of the conditions associated with pregnancy, such as morning sickness, nausea, headaches, water retention, constipation, stress, anxiety, sleeping problems. Reflexology can also play an important role during the last phase of pregnancy, particularly to encourage labour especially if overdue.

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